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Complete furniture solutions

FurnMaster is a global OEM supplier of complete furniture solutions serving market-leading furniture manufacturers and international, high-end brands.

We manufacture a vast variety of furniture designs including sofas, easy chairs, office chairs, lounge furniture, privacy screens and pods, and our high-quality solutions meet the stringent demands of both home and contract markets.

As an OEM supplier, FurnMaster brings customer designs and ideas to life developing, engineering, proto-typing and manufacturing high-quality furniture. We manage the entire process and supply chain – from concept to furniture user – including product specifications, sourcing of all materials and distribution.

With production and development facilities across Europe and North America, FurnMaster is able to provide customers with local market knowledge, quick-to-market solutions and easy access to engineering and manufacturing support.

Regardless of where in the world we do business, we operate according to high ethical standards and with a strong focus on protecting the environment as well as on ensuring safe and decent working conditions for all employees.

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Our core offerings are

  • Fast lead times & short-term deliveries
  • Flexible and agile production
  • Product development and specifications
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain management
  • Efficient distribution setup

Key customer benefits

  • Complete furniture solutions
  • Extensive product line
  • Get products to market faster
  • Enter new markets more efficiently
  • Innovate with speed
  • Local market knowledge
  • Efficient distribution setup