We can boost your textile's technical properties in order to be even stronger, more comfortable...


Lamination (a process where two or more materials are joined with a textile) is in common use in the upholstering of screens, beds and furniture for both the home and contract markets. 

Lamination is done for a number of reasons, but in general to boost the textile’s technical properties in the form of comfort, strength, stability, compensation for uneven or sharp components, improvement in acoustics or blocking of liquids. Woollen or polyester textiles are typically laminated with materials such as foam in various qualities, cotton wool, foils and other backing materials.

When FurnMaster offers lamination of textiles, the optimal technique is always used to achieve the desired result with respect to function, adhesion and price. Lamination techniques used include flame lamination, web and glue film lamination and self-adhesive lamination.

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