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We have a strong passion for sewing and upholstering – let us help you!

This is our speciality.

Sewing and upholstering

FurnMaster has built up a high level of expertise within sewing and upholstering services over its many years in business. We have 4,000 and 10,000 square metres of production facilities in Lithuania and Poland, respectively, from where we can perform all or parts of the furniture production. We perform jobs ranging from cutting the fabric to upholstering, purchasing of components, assembly of the finished furniture, packing in crates and delivery to the customer.

Based on our extensive knowledge of textiles, upholstered furniture and design, FurnMaster is constantly seeking to create the best match between the optimal value chain setup and the products made by FurnMaster. This means that we are constantly scanning the market to establish partnerships with the best suppliers and ensure access to the latest technologies.

A wide-ranging network of partners in both Europe and Asia and a focused logistical setup enable us to optimise costs in the value chain without compromising the quality of the components.

A partnership with FurnMaster means a series of advantages, including

  • Minimising the number of suppliers.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Savings on administration and handling of goods.
  • Efficient order administration and reporting.
  • On-going optimisation of processes and cost reduction.
  • Highly efficient supplier setup and control.
  • Warehousing service.
  • The security of working with a financially stable partner/supplier.
  • A partner in the development of new/existing products.

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