Cost efficient

By putting the production process in the hands of a specialist like Gabriel, you can save time and money.

Value-adding services

FurnMaster is a “One Stop Supplier” which offers a unique value-adding service within furniture upholstery and upholstery solutions. As a One Stop Supplier, FurnMaster is your sparring partner all the way from design and concept development to a finished and delivered solution. 

FurnMaster’s services range all the way from technically complicated solutions to simple and standardised products, and include sewing and upholstering and more fabrics-related services such as lamination, welding, Silent Solution, embroidery and printing.

Whatever solution you need, FurnMaster can handle the daily operation, for example in the form of purchasing quality components, production, warehousing and distribution – due to a strong and competent network. FurnMaster also assumes responsibility for negotiating price and quality agreements with all suppliers. This means that our customers can focus on their core business and optimise the costs of, for example, machinery, wages and warehousing.

FurnMaster takes over a number of different tasks from production of standardised high volume products to niche products and projects where production flexibility is a critical factor.

FurnMaster is an independent business unit under Gabriel A/S. We are certified via Gabriel A/S under ISO 9001 and 14001, and we recognise the importance of customers’ expectations of a high reliability of supply and quality.


FurnMaster’s business foundation is to take textiles and upholstery materials into action covering the entire value chain from textile to upholstered furniture. This is done in collaboration with market-leading players in the furniture and interior components industries.

Through a continuous focus on strengthening the value chain, FurnMaster has its core competences in building partner networks and optimisation of logistics systems to ensure an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective supply of sewing and upholstery solutions as well as developing innovative new applications and upholstery solutions. 


FurnMaster will be a continuous, competent and concept-developing partner in sewing and upholstery solutions for leading players in the office, conference, and residential furniture sectors.

FurnMaster must achieve “best performance” on cost efficiency, delivery time and delivery accuracy.


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