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Create a fascinating and inspiring expression on a chair using welding or application techniques.

Welding and applications


Welding offers a unique option for adding a fascinating and inspiring expression to textiles. Welding is a technique where material and filling (typically foam) are laminated together and then stamped. Three-dimensional patterns and unique solutions are thus produced in the furniture.

Welded textiles give the furniture a unique and exclusive appearance which makes them stand out from the crowd. It is possible to buy welding from our range of standard patterns or to design your own pattern. The foam used in the process can be of varying thickness to give the products a more or less three-dimensional expression. Foam in thicknesses from 2 to 18 mm with a density of 24-50 kg can be used.

All textiles based on “man-made fibres” (e.g. Comfort, Atlantic and Event) can be used. Numerous Gabriel standard woollen textiles can also be used. 

Standard patterns

Three standard patterns are currently available in the whole roll range. Two of these patterns are Welded Stripes with intervals of 40 and 25 mm, and the third pattern is bubbles. These patterns are used and stocked in selected textiles and colours which can be bought either as whole rolls or in small quantities cut to order.

Design a unique pattern

In cooperation with Gabriel’s designers, FurnMaster can help to create a unique pattern. Gabriel’s design team can advise on the possibility of developing patterns and on how they might be fitted in to the unique piece of furniture. 


Applications are a means to create an exclusive piece of fabric by either embroidering a unique pattern on the fabric or printing detailed graphical designs on it. 

According to the application of the decorated fabric, both embroidery and print can be done in various qualities and on several different fabrics. All we need to create a customised solution is dimensionally accurate drawings.


With inspiration from the seventies, prints and graphics have again become hot in furniture design.

Upholstery fabric with prints and graphics has always been challenging, but the new technology for prints makes it possible to produce very precise and detailed prints which are highly durable. 

FurnMaster has gathered knowledge and expertise within functional fabrics. We can make prints in various qualities and on numerous different polyester fabrics. In principle, all we need is a digital picture, which we process on the computer and then print on to the fabric.


Embroidered fabrics can be applied in various ways, e.g. for chair seats and backs or for screens - each with different requirements regarding the strength of the embroidered fabric.

For seats, where the requirements for abrasion resistance are high, embroidery on Luna fabric is recommended due to the felting process, where the embroidery thread becomes an integral part of the fabric. Embroidered fabrics such as Luna Fleur come in rolls.

As decorative details on e.g. screens or furniture backs, it is possible to do both full roll embroidery patterns or small logo patterns on all Gabriel fabrics in the “traditional way”, where embroidery thread is applied on top of the fabric. The thread is thus quite exposed, so this solution is not recommend on seats.

At FurnMaster we create customised patterns in collaboration with our customers - we just need a drawing specifying pattern and size.


Welding in rolls

Welding in rolls

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